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Fundamentals, Fundamentals, Fundamentals
At the Matt Robbins Golf School, we are not selling you on one swing fits all, we understand that each swing is different.  We focus on the 4 key elements of a golf swing that will get you shooting your lowest scores.
1.  Weight Distribution
2.  Swing Plane
3.  Club Face Angle
4.  Balanced Finish

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The golf swing is a puzzle that you will never truly figure out, but with patience and practice we can get you shooting lower scores in no time.  Matt's teachings are story based with a touch of the Science of Sports.  From pitching a baseball to hitting a homerun, his tips and techniques are easy to understand and implement. 

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"His lessons are simple and easy to understand, he seems to know my swing as though I've been going to him for years"

Mikele D'Arcangelo - 18 to a 10 Handicap
Matt Robbins Golf School,  2801 Deer Creek Country Club Boulevard,  Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
Ph: 561-654-7898   Fx: 561-883-2982     mattrobbinsgolfpro@yahoo.com
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"I had a tendency to over think my swing, resulting in poor execution and high scores. Matt helped me focus on the fundamentals which resulted in a more consistent swing and lower scores. Golf has become fun again!" 

Brian Carlson - 18 to a 12 Handicap
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